The same revelatory qualities were evidenced with electronics pairings. The Zodiacs began their visit connected to my reference Audionet PRE G2 linestage and MAX monoblocks. Here, the Audionet signature quietness, control, texture, bloom, and body were clearly apparent. Moving to the Constellation Inspiration Linestage 1.0 with a pair of Inspiration 1.0 stereo amps used in a vertical biamp configuration, I heard the combo’s superb bass control and extension (which, to my ears, is even more extended, faster, and more controlled than I recall hearing from the original Reference series), their arguably best-in-class midrange purity, and that characteristic Constellation treble air and extension. But it was moving to the Audionet Stern linestage and Heisenberg monoblocks that most vibrantly brought these speakers to life. Under the control of these electronics’ blistering transient speed, rich, vivid, and textured timbre, precise focus, masterful rendering of air and space, and unparalleled effortlessness, they seemed to breathe life into the music they created through the Zodiacs..

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