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All amplifiers in the Gamut range are designed to match both internally and externally so when it comes to complementarity, they really are ‘made for each other’.

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The Gamut sound

Where power meets precision and timing is everything

Power and precision, while not quite opposites, are often thought of as ‘either/or’. If you have one in spades, chances are you’re a bit less endowed with the other. When it comes to audio amplification, this poses a dilemma. Time then, for a radical rethink.

The solution, while not easy, is deceptively simple (the best solutions usually are). It’s also what sets Gamut amplifiers apart.

While most amps rely on a combination of multiple output transistors to achieve their amplification ‘oomph’, we use one single output transistor per phase, hence two per channel. That’s it. No rows of multiple bipolar transistors. Stunningly minimal and an absolute winner performance-wise.

Of course we’re not just talking about any transistor. These guys are massive – imposingly robust and immensely powerful (they can handle a peak current demand of 300 A and 100 A continuously). What’s more, the particular models we use are rare in hi-fi – you won’t find them in too many amps. The thing is, they’re an investment. But it’s an investment worth making and here’s why.

The more common approach of combining multiple output transistors (sometimes as many as 48 per channel) comes with some major sonic and technical compromises. Compromises that we simply aren’t willing to make. Think of it like multiple voices in a choir. No matter how talented or well-rehearsed the singers, the pitch and speed of each voice will vary fractionally, affecting the overall timing, clarity and dynamics of the sound. Similarly, no two transistors are exactly alike and so combinations of multiples will require all kinds of technical workarounds to combat ‘sonic smearing’. But the trouble with technical workarounds is that they tend to introduce yet more potential for sonic smearing. So a powerful amplifier built with 48 transistors is more likely to sound like a choir than one clear and consistent voice.

Gamut amplifiers use just one Herculean transistor per phase. What’s more, rather than using one NPN (negative-positive-negative) and one PNP (positive-negative-positive) transistor for each of the two channels, we stick with closely matched NPNs all-round. All of which enables our amps to meet our famously exacting standards for uber-precise timing, stunning clarity and vivid dynamics. In other words, to deliver that signature Gamut sound.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come and have a listen. We think you’ll love what you hear.

Every little thing auditioned

Every component in a Gamut amplifier is of the highest quality and has been hand-selected following intensive listening tests – from the circuit boards, via the non-magnetic chassis, to the superlative XLR connectors. No expense is spared.

So when you buy a Gamut amp you’re not paying for our brand name or for a swanky office in the best part of town. You’re investing in what goes into your amp, pure and simple.

We think you’ll hear the difference. Why not come and have a listen and judge for yourself?