If you’re in the market for a pair of high-performance loudspeakers but feel daunted by the choices on offer, take a look at the latest issue of The Absolute Sound. The October 2016 edition of the US audiophile magazine includes in-depth reviews of six ‘super speakers’, including the Gamut RS3i  – the little guy with the surprisingly big soundstage.

Gamut RS3i (Ivory finish)

Just because you have a small to medium sized room doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the magnitude of your music. The RS3i is a compact standmount speaker designed to pack a full-range punch.

“The RS3i has remarkable bass extension and dynamic range for its size,” writes reviewer Kirk Midtskog. “Right from the beginning, the RS3i sounded remarkably expressive and immediate – that is to say, free-flowing, unprocessed, and open rather than reserved, forced, and restrained.”

“The more I listened to the RS3i, the more I loved its form of ‘musical enthusiasm’. Playback seemed to more closely approximate live music’s dynamic presence than I have ever heard from a speaker of the RS3i’s size – and from a good many larger ones for that matter. I found myself simply getting lost in the thrill of listening to music, sometimes for hours, occasionally waving my arms around enthusiastically because the music sounded so compelling.”

“Soundstage width and depth were fantastic, extending well beyond the outer edges of the cabinets and about five feet behind them. The real treat here is that soundstage height was much closer to that of a multi-way floorstander than many people would expect.”

The conclusion?

“I have never heard a more dynamically powerful stand-mounted, two-way speaker, period.”

Read the full review in the October 2016 issue of The Absolute Sound.