“Would these Danish beauties blow our socks off like their bigger brothers?” asks Rob Johnson of our RS3i standmount loudspeakers, having previously reviewed the RS5i floorstanders.

Rob’s excellent review, for US-based audiophile magazine Tone Audio, is well worth a read in full. But just in case you’re in a hurry, here’s a few snippets…

“Once the speakers start playing, put on your seatbelt and prepare to be impressed. From the get-go, the RS3is impress. There’s nothing slow, laid back, or overly romantic about the RS3i’s sonics. However, there’s nothing strident, etched, or overly accentuated either. There’s simply a high level of realism when voicing a performance. It’s easy to enjoy these speakers for all-day listening sessions without any ear fatigue.”

“No matter what musical genre is played, the RS3is achieve a miraculous balance of characteristics that leave this listener craving nothing. Sonic chameleons, the RS3is can portray with equal aplomb the warmth of a lush vocal performance, the dynamic swings of an orchestral ensemble, or the punch and speed of a vibrant rock track. Few speakers I’ve encountered seem to excel to this degree with any recording thrown at them.”

And the conclusion…?

“Yes, my socks were blown off by the RS3i, landing in a smoldering heap in the corner of the room. The RS3is are among the most engaging speakers I have experienced.”

Read the the full review at Tone Audio.

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