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The Absolute Sound: Gamut Zodiac Danish Diva

The same revelatory qualities were evidenced with electronics pairings. The Zodiacs began their visit connected to my reference Audionet PRE G2 linestage and MAX monoblocks. Here, the Audionet signature quietness, control, texture, bloom, and body were clearly apparent. Moving to the Constellation Inspiration Linestage 1.0 with a pair of Inspiration 1.0 stereo amps used in a vertical biamp configuration, I heard the combo’s superb bass control and extension (which, to my ears, is even more extended, faster, and more controlled than I recall hearing from the original Reference series), their arguably best-in-class midrange purity, and that characteristic Constellation treble air and extension. But it was moving to the Audionet Stern linestage and Heisenberg monoblocks that most vibrantly brought these speakers to life. Under the control of these electronics’ blistering transient speed, rich, vivid, and textured timbre, precise focus, masterful rendering of air and space, and unparalleled effortlessness, they seemed to breathe life into the music they created through the Zodiacs..

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Awards for the Gamut RS3i and Zodiac loudspeakers

Gamut Zodiac Loudspeaker

The Gamut Zodiac is one of the most remarkable products I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in my thirty years writing about audio components. When you consider its exceptional bass extension and impact, unfailingly authentic rendition of timber, texture, attack, body, and weight, with a disarmingly open, spacious, and organic presentation, the resultant sonic character affords an extraordinary degree of musical insight, housed in one of the most exotic and beautifully crafted forms you’re likely to find, almost putting them into a class all their own.

Gamut joins Raidho and Scansonic as part of the Dantax family of audio companies

Gamut Audio is delighted to confirm that it is now part of the Dantax group of companies, joining fellow Danish high-end audio brands Raidho and Scansonic.

Gamut’s CEO and chief designer Benno Baun Meldgaard said, “This is excellent news for Gamut. To be an integral part of a wider ‘family’ of companies, all of which are wholeheartedly committed to high-end audio, gives Gamut a strong and stable foundation from which to move forward and build on our success to date.”

“The perfect superhero”: Hi-Fi Plus is star-struck by Gamut’s flagship Zodiac loudspeaker

“For good or ill, when it comes to audio, we live in a time of flagships and statements,” writes Hi-Fi Plus editor Alan Sircom in the magazine’s December issue. For the most part Sircom remains relatively unimpressed, having found that many such bigger-is-better products, while certainly big on size and price, don’t necessarily deliver a commensurate peak in terms of performance. Gamut’s flagship Zodiac loudspeaker, however, “is one of the rare exceptions. A true statement piece….”

“So analogue and so right”: Hi-Fi Choice is inspired by Gamut’s nature-led approach to achieving organic sound quality

It seems that the world’s media is having a field day with all things Scandinavian these days, from Danish ‘hygge’ (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah by the way) to Swedish ‘lagom’. With all that hype you’d be forgiven for imagining that we’ve got this whole business of life sewn up here. Of course in reality it’s not quite that simple! That said, we Scandinavians do tend to have a strong connection with the natural environment hardwired into our DNA, and that’s something that’s a big deal here at Gamut.

Gamut M250i mono power amp wins The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award – for the 4th year in a row

The September issue of US-based audio magazine The Absolute Sound is out now, revealing winners of the Golden Ear Awards for 2017.

Published annually, the Awards give The Absolute Sound’s staff and freelance writers the opportunity to choose those components “that are truly great” and “that stand out from the competition”.

We’re delighted to report that our M250i mono power amplifier, selected by Kirk Midtskog, is a winner for the fourth year in a row.

“Thrilling”: Hi-Fi Plus reviews Gamut’s RS5i loudspeaker

What makes a loudspeaker ‘high end’ and is the high end really worth investing in? These questions were pondered by Eric Neff while reviewing the Gamut RS5i floorstanders for Hi-Fi Plus.

While ‘high end’ is often defined by price, Neff begs to differ. “High end speakers must have an above-reproach build quality as well as sound that truly goes beyond…”. Would the RS5i’s prove themselves as truly ‘high end’?

Absolutely, on both counts.

“The very highest recommendation”: Positive Feedback reviews a complete Gamut system

“Sometimes you write reviews. Sometimes you write raves. And sometimes you write love songs…”

David W Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback

The first time US-based audiophile David W Robinson heard a Gamut system, he “really sat up and took notice.” Robinson, who is Editor-in-Chief of online hi-fi magazine Positive Feedback, happened upon Gamut at an earlier THE (The Home Entertainment) Show in Newport, New England and was “attracted by the really fine sound” coming from the demonstration room. “I wasn’t familiar with Gamut, and it was obvious to me that I needed to know a lot more about it. There was a deep musicality here that deserved exploration.”

“So effortless and true to life”: The Absolute Sound heads to Chicago’s Kyomi Audio to hear a complete Gamut system

“We hoped it’d be a memorable day and we weren’t disappointed,” says Gamut’s CEO and chief designer Benno Baun Melgaard, who recently flew out to Chicago for a special event hosted by high-end dealer Kyomi Audio.

The aim of the event was to showcase a complete Gamut system, with Benno on-hand to set up, demonstrate and answer questions alongside Gamut’s US distributor Michael Vamos.

Kyomi Audio is quite unusual among dealers in that its founder and owner is George Vatchnadze, an internationally renowned concert pianist. ‘Bringing the concert hall to your listening room’ is George’s passion, which he is particularly well qualified to fulfill.

Kyomi’s listening room was reassuringly packed and the eager audience included The Absolute Sound’s Greg Weaver, who reports on his experience over on the magazine’s blog (‘Gamut Product Demo at Kyomi Audio of Chicago’).

Exclusive UK event to celebrate launch of Gamut Zodiac: 5th & 6th May

Join us to celebrate the UK arrival of Gamut’s flagship limited edition loudspeaker, the Zodiac.

Designed to be a no-holds-barred master of musical performance, just 12 pairs of the Zodiac will be made each year, each skillfully crafted one at a time by hand.

Meet Gamut’s designer Benno Baun Meldgaard and discover the story behind the creation of the Zodiac. Then pour a drink, sit back, get comfortable and listen.

Kyomi Audio & Gamut invite you to a memorable event Saturday March 18th in Chicago


Gamut’s new RS7i full range speakers
Gamut’s M250i mono amps & D3i preamp
Gamut’s new complete line of Reference cables

Kyomi Audio is hosting a Gamut event in Chicago, featuring Gamut’s CEO and chief designer Benno Baun Meldgaard who will explain and demonstrate his latest innovative speaker and amplifier designs, while also sharing invaluable tips on optimizing speaker set-up and placement.

Refreshments will be served.

Gamut RS3i speaker & D200i power amp receive The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards

The March issue of US-based audio magazine The Absolute Sound is out now, revealing their much-coveted Editors’ Choice Awards for 2017 (cue drum roll…).

Editor-in-Chief Robert Harley and his team of expert audiophile reviewers offer their top product recommendations from across the world of all things audio – from amplifiers and DACs to headphones and equipment racks – complete with mini-reviews of each award-winning product.

Di150 LE integrated amp hailed as Tone Audio’s Amplifier of the Year

As an inveterate separates user, Tone Audio’s Jerold O’Brien might not seem the obvious choice to review an integrated amplifier. While O’Brien ‘sometimes wonders’ about the advantages of using an integrated amp – saving space, fewer cables, one less power cord and a front end and power section that are designed as a unit, for example – “somehow I never got around to living with one,” he admits. Until, that is, the Gamut Di150 LE came his way.

Gamut wins Gold Award for Best Sound at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

Denver’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the USA – and always a highlight in Gamut’s annual calendar.

The 2016 show took place on 7th-9th October and featured more than 160 exhibit spaces, housing more than 400 of the world’s leading hi-fi brands.

Once again, the eagle-eared folks from online web magazine were on site, separating the best from the rest and reporting on their findings.

Here at Gamut we’re delighted to be a recipient of one of their coveted Gold Show Awards for Best Sound.

Gamut RS3i among The Absolute Sound’s ‘6 Super Speakers’

If you’re in the market for a pair of high-performance loudspeakers but feel daunted by the choices on offer, take a look at the latest issue of The Absolute Sound. The October 2016 edition of the US audiophile magazine includes in-depth reviews of six ‘super speakers’, including the Gamut RS3i  – the little guy with the surprisingly big soundstage.

Soothe your savage beast with the Gamut sound!

“Some rooms at a hi-fi show you walk into, and you just instantly go Ahhhhhhh…” writes Rafe Arnott over at the Part-Time Audiophile web magazine.

“Shows can seem like an African savanna at times; hot, exhausting, with heat waves in the distance fooling you into thinking that there’s relief for your aural weariness just over the next rise,” he continues.

Gamut RS3i loudspeaker reviewed by Tone Audio

“Would these Danish beauties blow our socks off like their bigger brothers?” asks Rob Johnson of our RS3i standmount loudspeakers, having previously reviewed the RS5i floorstanders.

Rob’s excellent review, for US-based audiophile magazine Tone Audio, is well worth a read in full. But just in case you’re in a hurry, here’s a few snippets…

No more bass sacrifices: reviews the Gamut RS3i

“For many years, audiophiles who had space constraints, WAF (wife acceptance factor) or other issues, were forced to contend with small standmount or ‘bookshelf’ speakers,” writes Henry Wilkensen for online magazine Audiophilia.

On the plus side, “these speakers often were capable of good sound and usually had a superior ability to float a very good soundstage”. But on the other hand, “one had to imagine how much bass there was in a recording since lack of it was the major sacrifice.”

Not any more, as the Gamut RS3i joins the ranks of “high performance monitors that are capable of a sound that is closer to full range.”

World’s first ‘listening chair’ makes waves at CES: introducing the Gamut Hi-Fi Lobster Chair

Audiophiles, are you sitting comfortably? Moreover, is your chair playing an active role in the quality of your listening experience? If not, then you may need one of these…

You’ve no doubt spent many hours evaluating every element of your hi-fi system and its placement in your listening room. But what about the furniture you’re sitting on?

CES 2016 saw the official launch of the Gamut Lobster Chair – the world’s first hi-fi listening chair. The chair is designed to control the sound reflections that reach your ear, allowing you to hear a more precise and natural soundstage. Specifically, it shields the ear from reflections emanating from behind the listening position, while at the same time preventing the sound from reflecting on the forward-facing areas of the headrest that flank the listener’s head.

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