“Some rooms at a hi-fi show you walk into, and you just instantly go Ahhhhhhh…” writes Rafe Arnott over at the Part-Time Audiophile web magazine.

“Shows can seem like an African savanna at times; hot, exhausting, with heat waves in the distance fooling you into thinking that there’s relief for your aural weariness just over the next rise,” he continues.

Gamut RS3i loudspeaker

We’re delighted to report that Rafe found that very relief in the Gamut room at Newport 2016 and his savage beast was duly soothed. He also seemed to appreciate our lack of sales gimmicks and the fact that we prefer to let our sound speak for itself.

“No surprises, no funny business, just an outstandingly musical presentation that further cements Gamut’s place as a company that takes R&D seriously, and obviously uses great ears to voice their designs.”

Check out his show report over at the Part-Time Audiophile.