Gamut Zodiac Loudspeaker

The Gamut Zodiac is one of the most remarkable products I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in my thirty years writing about audio components. When you consider its exceptional bass extension and impact, unfailingly authentic rendition of timber, texture, attack, body, and weight, with a disarmingly open, spacious, and organic presentation, the resultant sonic character affords an extraordinary degree of musical insight, housed in one of the most exotic and beautifully crafted forms you’re likely to find, almost putting them into a class all their own.

Their musical strengths are so significant, so apparent, that they will be appreciated and prized by music lovers much as the 1954-1963 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing is by automobile lovers. Likely the most iconic Mercedes ever made, it had every bit as much “go” as it had “show.” So too the GamuT Zodiac. (Review forthcoming).”

Greg Weaver, TAS

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Gamut RS3i

From the moment reviewer Kirk Midtskog first connected the RS3i two-way mini-monitor without much regard to optimizing its placement, and just let music play, he heard a sound that was compelling, and it only got better with time and fine-tuning. The RS3i’s liveliness never proved anything less than entertaining and engaging. It offers all the advantages of a small stand-mounted speaker-those of illuminating imaging and wide-open soundstaging-combined with stunning dynamic presence. Capable of sounding much bigger than it looks, it is a honey that should be on anyone’s short list for a small-to-medium-sized room application.

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