About Gamut

Don’t worry, we’re not about to bore you with a long and detailed company history. We just thought you might like to know one or two things about what makes the folks at Gamut tick.

Music moves us

First and foremost, we love music. All of it – from Puccini to Prince Buster, Public Enemy to Duke Ellington. No matter who or what you’re into, there’s something quite fundamental about the power of music. As human beings, it moves us. Sometimes it’s like a personal soundtrack to our daily lives. Other times it’s almost transcendent, elevating us above and beyond the day-to-day. It brings us together, soothes our souls, lifts our spirits, fires our minds and frees our bodies. At Gamut, we’re here to move and be moved.

Naturally Scandinavian

We Scandinavians are known for our love of living well and living simply. To some people that might seem like a contradiction, but not to us. That’s because we’re also famous for being nature lovers and what we’ve discovered is that in working with, and not against, nature, far more is possible that you might otherwise imagine.

How do you like your music, for example? Raw, organic and real? Vivid, dynamic and alive? Clean and pin-sharp clear yet also deep, rich and warm? Us too. And we’ve found that the way towards achieving all of this, without compromise, comes through very careful observation of nature.

Sound, like all forces of nature, is an energy with its own highly specific qualities. In seeking to record and replay sound we can either try to tame and manipulate that energy or we can liberate it, observe it in action and learn from it. At Gamut, we believe that in trying to tame anything, it becomes our adversary. But if we liberate it? Then we discover something interesting… that which is free rewards us far more than that which is confined.

Devilish on details

They say the devil is in the details but we’re more inclined to say that’s where the real difference is. To be honest, we’re a bit fanatical about it. Right down to the smallest screw. Seriously? You bet! There isn’t a single object or process in a Gamut speaker, amp or cable that hasn’t been examined to within an inch of its life to assess its impact not just on sound quality, but on musical performance. Every little thing earns its place, and every last detail serves a purpose. So if, on occasion, it takes us a few extra rings before we pick up the phone, please forgive us. We’re no doubt under the hood of an amp or round the back of a speaker, fine-tuning something so small that if you weren’t a music lover and hadn’t heard the difference for yourself, you might think us slightly mad.

Part of the family

In 2018 Gamut joined the Dantax group of audio companies. We’re very proud to be part of a family with such an incredible pedigree.

For almost half a century, Dantax has been actively engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of high quality audio products. Since 1984 the company has been listed on the Copenhagen Stock exchange. As well as being an established name in its own right, Dantax is the parent company of a family of globally renowned Danish audio brands including Raidho, Scansonic and now Gamut.

Our chief designer Benno Baun Meldgaard says, “It’s incredibly inspiring to share knowledge, skills and resources with such a talented wider team. Looking to the future, I’m excited to imagine what we might achieve together.”