Phi6-i is the ideal match when using Phi as the prefered speaker in a home-cinema setup. The sleep and elegant design matches the rest of the series and is tuned to match the sound from the Phi-3i and Phi5-i.

The enclosure is build from the same high-quality materials as the rest of the series, and the enclosure have heavy bracings to ensure optimal working-conditions for the drivers.

Utilising the same drivers as the rest of the series, the Phi-6i Center is made to give a authentic, transparent and very dynamic presentation of the delicate center-channel. Careful tuning has been made to guarantee authentic dialogue with a full and very crisp sound where timing is the essense.

The Phi-6i Center is able to match the dynamics behind a huge soundstage with both explosions and dialogue without sounding stressed or fatigued, and the size is still room-friendly and it is easy to place.

The updated GamuT Audio Phi-i series

The new Phi-i series continues the well-renowned series with the elegant looks in typical scandinavian design and build-quality.

The dna from the RS-series is found in the new Phi-i series, and holds a lot of the solutions from the bigger series. Phi-i is designed to be used in any room without being too critical about placement and it´s easily paired with electronics in any pricerange.

The sound is big and very involving, and great attention has been paid to have correct timing and an organic sound that involves the listener in the best musical way.

Features & specifications


  • 2-way Center loudspeaker, ported – impulse optimized enclosure.


  • Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm Ring-radiator
  • Mid-woofer: 2 x 150 mm Woodfibre cone

Frequency response:

  • 48 – 40.000 Hz


  • 4 ohms nominal


  • 87 dB

Crossover point(s):        

  • 2400 Hz (Impulse and phase linear)

Size: (WxHxD)                 

  • 510 x 170 x 240 /  1” x 6.7” x 9.5” inches

Weight (Kg / Lbs.)            

  • 10 Kg /  22 Lbs.  (Pcs.)

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